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Terms of Service for Payment
  1. Introduction - These Verifipay Terms of Service for Payment set out the agreement between us (Finnov8technology Pvt. Ltd.) and you, the person who has completed the on-line application process on our secure customer website or mobile application (the Verifipay platform). We will refer in these Verifipay Terms for Payment Services to us as “Verifipay” or “we” or “us”; and, we will refer to you, as “you”.
  2. The payment services we provide you - We facilitate making or receiving immediate or future payments to or from other people (a payment transaction). For making a payment transaction, a payment account will be set up, which shall be termed as “your account”. Once “your account” is created, you can instruct us to make a payment transaction to another person (a payment recipient). You can do so by making the payment in the payment account and providing us with an instruction on when; or, upon satisfaction of what conditions, you wish us to release funds to that payment recipient.
  3. Verifipay users - Payment shall be made only to registered Verifipay users. If the payment recipient is unregistered with the Verifipay platform, then an invitation will be sent to such a payment recipient to register with us. If the invitation is declined, Verifipay shall not proceed with the transaction. To become a registered Verifipay user, you will be required to visit the Verifipay platform, set up an account with us with valid credentials, provide information of a valid current bank account you hold and accepting our terms and conditions. Once you become a registered Verifipay user you can receive payments in your nominated account. (Nominated account is the one that you registered with us). The nominated account can be changed at any time, but we may need to carry out additional checks and verifications before your new nominated account becomes an active account that we can pay into. Until any new nominated account is fully verified with us, we will continue to pay funds to you into your old nominated account. If a payment stands incomplete due to any unforeseen circumstances then the money shall be returned to the payee (i.e., the one making the payment) within a reasonable time.
  4. Duration - The Verifipay Terns for Payment Services will be binding on you from the day you become a Verifipay user. A confirmation mail will be sent to you in order to confirm the same. The same shall continue until you terminate our services in accordance with the ‘Closing your account' section of these Verifipay Terms for Payment Services.
  5. Account Usage - “Your account” is for your personal use only and you may use it solely for the purpose of making payment transactions to payment recipients, unless we have set you up as a business customer. We shall not be liable to pay funds due to you as a payment recipient into your account. You must not pay any funds into your payment account that do not relate to a proposed payment transaction you have already placed with us. Your account cannot be used in any way to store funds that do not relate to a specific payment transactions you have asked us to make. As all funds that are in your account relate to pending payment transactions, your account is not accessible to you and you cannot ask us to deal with the funds other than by amending or cancelling your payment order for that payment transaction (see "Your ability to cancel or change a payment order" for how to do that). Your login details enable you to place payment orders (as set out below) with us and see a record of your payment orders and payment transaction, as well as see the status of those orders and transactions. It does not give you access to your account or enable you to control funds within your account. Your account cannot, therefore, be accessed or operated by a third party. You must not use your account for any illegal purpose. This means that you cannot use us or your account for anything that might violate any laws or regulations. Where you do so we may then decline, cancel or revoke any or all transactions progressing and report such information we hold to law enforcement agencies as details in our privacy policy. Funds in your account will be held in accordance with the funds holding section of these Verifipay Terms for Payment Services. Interest is not paid on funds paid into your account.
  6. How to make a payment order? - For making a payment order you will be required to follow three steps. Firstly, arranging the amount of funds with your bank or credit card provider which you will pay to us, and we shall hold for making a payment to the payment recipient. The funds shall be held in “your account”. Secondly, giving us specific instructions vis-a - vis the payment i.e, setting out the time and the conditions upon which the payment shall be made. Thirdly, by creating, authorizing, and authenticating an instruction form using our online platform. The payment order will contain complete information vis-à-vis the payment. It shall be inclusive of firstly, details of the payment recipient comprising their full name, email address and/or mobile phone number as a minimum (it has to be sufficient information to enable us to match their details with the relevant Verifipay user or provide the details we need to contact the person you wish to pay); Secondly, the amount of the payment transaction to be made to the payment recipient; Lastly, you will provide a brief description of the nature and reference for the payment transaction. Once you submit a payment order we will validate the details and, if the payment recipient is not a Verifipay user, we will take steps to on-board them to the Verifipay platform. Once those steps are complete, we will confirm that you should fund your account for an amount equal to the amount of the proposed payment transaction. To transfer funds to your account, you should use one of the accepted funding mechanisms specified in the Support section of our website including: direct bank transfer, credit or debit card payment, PayTM, the PhonePe and/or such other funding mechanisms we may make available. It is important that you provide funds exactly equal to the proposed payment transaction – no more, no less. You will not have completed a valid payment order until we have credited the funds corresponding to that payment transaction to your account. A payment transaction must be paid by us in a single payment to a payment recipient and we will not accept any funding for a payment transaction split into staged or part funding. If we receive funds less or more than the amount of the intended payment transaction to the other Verifipay user then we will not make any part or over-payment and will return the entire funded amount to you as soon as possible. If the payment recipient is not registered with Verifipay and you have funded your account in respect of the payment transaction and the payment recipient does not register with us within seven business days from our request to register, we will cancel the payment order and return the amount you have funded to you. If a specific date for the payment transaction is not specified and the payment transaction is conditional, you will also specify a long-stop date not exceeding three calendar months by which the payment transaction will be made. If you require us to hold the funds in your account for longer than three calendar months you should use our Escrow Service.
  7. How we complete a payment transaction - After the submission of a valid payment order and funding of your account with the requisite amount of funds to make a payment as per your payment order, we shall hold for the interest of the payment recipient the funds until the conditions, time or both are satisfied. The payment transaction shall be strictly made in accordance with the instructions in the payment order. No payment transaction shall be done on a non-business day and the funds shall be released on the following business day.
  8. Your ability to cancel or change a payment order - After the submission of a valid payment order and funding of your account with the requisite amount of funds to make a payment as per your payment order, we shall hold for the interest of the payment recipient the funds until the conditions, time or both are satisfied. The payment transaction shall be strictly made in accordance with the instructions in the payment order. No payment transaction shall be done on a non-business day and the funds shall be released on the following business day.
  9. Your ability to cancel or change a payment order - Any modification or cancellation of the payment order is possible provided it shall be done on a business day preceding the date on which the payment transaction is to be made. Change or cancellation can be done by logging into your account and authenticating the modification or cancellation. No request of modification or cancellation shall be entertained after the expiration of the above-mentioned period that is the business day preceding the day of the payment transaction. If a payment transaction is dependent upon the fulfilment of a condition no cancellation or modification shall be permitted after the receiving of the notification of satisfaction of the condition/s. After a valid cancellation of a payment order we shall return the funds held in your account. Such cancellation is subject to a minimal fee. No changes in the amount of the payment transaction is permissible. You shall be required to cancel the payment order and make a resubmission with the desired payment amount.
  10. Multiple payment transactions - Payment transaction can have maximum two payment recipients. A single payment transaction can be associated with a two payment recipients only. If you desire to set up payments for more than two recipients, you may do so by setting up separate payment transaction for them. The request shall be strictly processed in the order they are made. However, a single funding can be done for all of the multiple payment transactions so desired and the funds shall be allocated in the order as instructed. However, any shortfall in the single funding of multiple payment transactions will result in the rejection of all the payment transactions and the funds shall be refunded to you in a reasonable time. Each payment transaction shall be strictly associated with its corresponding payment order and will not be utilized in funding any other payment transaction, previous or subsequent. This will apply even if you ask us to change the payment order, leaving a shortfall and there are other funds to cover the shortfall in your account.We will only hold funds in your account that are allocated to specific payment transactions, they cannot be used to fund other payment transactions. If you fail to fully fund a payment transaction, the payment order will be rejected and funds will be returned to you as set out in these Verifipay Terms for Payment Services.
  11. When we may refuse to make a payment - We may refuse compliance with a payment order you place with us or may not complete a payment transaction in any of the following circumstances; • Your account is closed; • The payment transaction seems to be of unusualnature; • We reasonably suspect that the payment transaction is to commit fraud or illegal activity or that the funds are the proceeds of illegal activity or are generated from what we regard as a high risk activity or from a recognised high risk country; • You Verifpay account has been compromised; •Insufficient or complete failure of the funding of your account for the payment transaction/s; • The payment recipient is not a registered Verifipay user or we have terminated our agreement with them; • We do not have details of a working or verified nominated account for the payment recipient; • We have suspended or restricted our services to either you or the payment recipient; • We reasonably believe making the payment transaction would damage our reputation; • The value of the funds subject to the payment transaction transferred to us exceeds our risk appetite; • Where the execution of the payment order would not fall within our accepted risk tolerance as a business and/or with our banking partners. A detailed information vis-à-vis these conditions is provided in the support section of our website. We shall if it be lawful, notify you with respect to such rejection via an email or on our mobile application on your mobile and may provide you a valid reason if such is possible. Where it is lawful for us to do so, we will tell you by a notification to your mobile device on which our App is loaded and by email that we have refused to make a payment within a reasonable time not exceeding the subsequent business day from the day request is made. giving the reason if that is possible. Our support staff will also be in close contact with you respect to such rejection.
  12. Returning funds in your account - We shall return any excess funds in your account when: • You cancel or change a payment order (which gives rise to any amount in your payment account which does not relate to a proposed payment transaction); • We suspend or close your account; • Any amount is returned to us in relation to a payment transaction which we have made for you. • We shall return any funds we hold to the account from which you funded it; or, where not possible your nominated account.
  13. Information on payment transactions - We will provide you complete information with respect to: • All funds you pay in to your payment account; • Each payment transaction we pay out from your payment account; • Details of the date of each movement on your account; • Details of the payment recipient we have paid outto; • The amount of charges you have incurred in respect of each payment transaction; The exchange rate. This shall be done by notifying you via email or our mobile application on your mobile phone.
  14. Restricting the use of these services - We may at any time suspend or restrict: • Your ability to use your login details to place further payment orders; • You from paying further funds into your account; • Any payment being made out of your account. We may do this: • To protect the security of your account; • Under a suspicion that there may be fraudulent, improper, unlawful or unauthorised use of your account, this can be done if false or invalid log in credentials are submitted. Your ability to receive payments via the platform can be suspended or restricted if there is a reasonable belief that you would no longer be able to pass our present validation processes or requirements. At all times we will keep you informed that your activities on the platform are suspended or restricted. You may contact us with respect to the suspension or rejection of services, and we will permit your complete utilization of your account if the reason for the suspension no longer stands. You may also inform us with respect to any suspicions of your security being compromised on our platform.
  15. Safeguarding your funds - Safeguarding your funds shall be our utmost priority and every step shall be taken in order to ensure the same. No funds shall be utilized except upon your request and on terms different from what is mentioned in the payment order. Any funds in your account shall be your property until a payment transaction upon your payment order is made.
  16. Your security - Every step shall be taken to keep your funds secure and best industry practices will be employed to ensure the same. If there is a confirmed or suspected breach of security you shall be infomed via SMS, email or any such method of contact, informing you the steps that can be taken in order to minimize the risk. Every payment transaction shall pass certain checks to ensure security. Every user is advised to keep your login credentials and passwords safe and refrain from sharing it with any other person. Each and every one shall be issued a unique logging credentials and password to maintain security. If you suspect that someone has gained access to your account then inform us as soon as possible so that we can suspend your account immediately and prevent any breach of security. We will then investigate the same and if the request is found genuine shall arrange for you to get new credentials. You must always take reasonable steps to confirm the identity of the person you are setting up a payment transaction with. If there is any default from your side with respect to the identification of the person you are setting up a payment transaction with and a payment transaction has happened upon your request, no refund shall be made.
  17. Our fees - Setting up and holding a Verifipay account is non-chargeable. However, every payment transaction shall be subject to a fees which will be informed to you while setting up a payment transaction. For more information about the fees we charge you can visit our website ( or access the Support section on our website.
  18. Your data - The data you share with us is completely safe and secure and we comply with all data protection laws and regulations at all time.
  19. If there is an error in carrying out a payment order - All Verifipay users are responsible for providing us with correct nominated account information. If you are the payment recipient and you have given incorrect nominated account information or have failed to update the information, then the Verifipay user making the payment will be considered to have made a valid payment to you and we will have no liability to you if you are unable to recover the funds. If we fail to make a payment we should have done or if we make a payment into a nominated account of a payment recipient and the account details we paid to are incorrect, if we made the mistake, as soon as we can, we will refund you the amount of the transaction into your account and if you do not want us to re-execute the payment transaction, or we are unable to do so, we will refund you the amount into your nominated account or your funding account as we agree with you. If you have to pay any charges or interest as a result of this happening, we will refund thosetoo. If you made a mistake, for example, you give us incorrect details for the payment recipient, you set the wrong date for a payment, or ask us to make a payment for the wrong amount, we will not be liable to you if you suffer a loss as a result of that or if you lose the funds. If we are late in paying the payment recipient, we will also be liable to you if you suffer any losses as a result, but we can ask the bank of the payment recipient to treat the payment as having been made on time. If anything else goes wrong with a payment, but we can show that we were not responsible and we made the payment to the payment recipient's bank as we agreed with you, the other bank will be liable for this and not us. If funds are paid to the wrong person or are lost, even if we are not at fault, we will make reasonable efforts to recover the funds or trace them and, if you write to us to ask for them, we can provide you with the information we have about the outcome of our efforts, including the details of the person who did receive the funds if we have them.
  20. Limitations on our liability to you - If something goes wrong in a payment that you are making through us, but this is due to unexpected or unforeseeable events outside of our control, which would have been unavoidable even if we had taken all steps to prevent them, we will not be responsible to you for any losses and costs caused. Equally, if we are unable to meet our obligations to you or perform our services due to legal or regulatory obligations or changes that apply to us, we will not be responsible to you for any losses or costs caused. To be entitled to make a claim from us, you must notify us of the unauthorised transaction or error as soon as possible. If it is more than 14 months since we made the payment out of your account we will have no liability to you.
  21. Problems, disputes and complaints - If a dispute arises in relation to a payment transaction with another Verifipay user, please contact us immediately with full details of what has happened and the nature of the dispute. We will put in our best to resolve your dispute. If you want to lodge a complaint about us, please contact us either by calling us or writing to us through our contact us page. If anything is not clear or if you are unhappy with the way in which we are dealing with your complaint then please get in touch with us and we will do our best to answer your questions and reach an agreement. We will send you a full response, which seeks to address all the points you have raised. You agree that we may send our resolution by electronic means if you have raised it with us through electronic means, otherwise we will send you our final response by mail if you have sent us your complaint by letter. We will normally resolve your complaint within 15 business days, and exceptionally within a maximum of 40 businessdays.
  22. Amendments to these terms and conditions - We may as and when required need to make amendments to the services that we provide to you and maintain our systems and Information Technology platforms in order to meet your requirements and serve your better and also to ensure that we maintain an efficient service for you. We will always try and ensure that a reasonable notice of the amendments given to you and to ensure that it provides minimal hindrance to our services to you. We may make changes to these Verifipay Terms for Payment Services (including our fees , but that will not be applicable retrospectively meaning thereby that it will not apply to order you have already placed with us) if we need to do so for any of the following reasons: • If amendment would make the terms easily understandable and would benefit the users. • To show the legal or regulatory requirements that are applicable to us; • To reflect the changes in cost of running our busniess; • If we are amending or introducing new products orservices. We’ll tell you about any changes under this section either by sending you a notice by email or SMS. We’ll give you at least 2 months' notice. If we make any changes under this section, we’ll let you know when the changes will apply to your account. You will be assumed to agree to the change unless you tell us that you want to close your account before the notified changes take effect.
  23. Closing your account - These Verifipay Terms for Payment Services have no certain fixed term – this means that it continues indefinitely until Verifipay or you decide to close your account. You can intimate your intention to close the account at any time without giving any reason by a calling or writing to us and giving us 7-10 business days' notice of your intent to discontinue your account. If the closure is from our end, we will do so by writing to you by email and giving you not less than 2 months' prior intimation of our intention to do so. In cases of fraud or where mandated by law, we need to suspend your account instantly which would be followed by closure. Any payment order that is pending with us before the end of the notice period, but which have not yet been released to the other user, will be cancelled and any funds that we retain in your account will be returned to you forthwith in accordance with these Verifipay Terms for Payment Services
  24. Governing law - The laws in force in the Union of India applies to these terms. Any dispute about these Verifipay Terms for Payment Services will be dealt with by an India courts of law
Terms of Escrow Service
  1. Introduction - These terms and conditions pertains to our Escrow Services and Terms for Payment Services the Verifipay Terms for Payment Services. Where we have used a term or expression in the Verifipay Terms for Payment Services. it shall have the same meaning in these Escrow Terms. Please read them together. These Escrow Terms will explain how you may use your account and the payment service Verifipay provides to you under the Verifipay Terms for Payment Services to set up an escrow arrangement for holding funds in escrow with other Verifipay users; and, through the use of the Escrow enable us, as your, and the other Verifipay users', Escrow Agent, to hold and pay out funds to the other Verifipay users and you, when you all direct us to do so (Escrow Services). If not provided for in these Escrow Terms, the Verifipay Terms for Payment Services shall apply. We will only pay out to payment recipients in relation to the Escrow who have been screened and accepted onto the Verifipay platform by us and who have signed up to these terms and registered with us as a Verifipay user.
  2. The Escrow Services we provide to you - In order to use our Escrow Services, you must already have accepted the Verifipay Terms for Payment Services and have been set up on the Verifipay platform as a Verifipay user. Where you want to or have entered into an arrangement with or other, Verifipay user(s) and you wish to arrange for a payment to be made to them as part of that arrangement, but you have not specified a date for payment; and/or, payment is conditional on certain conditions being met where the long-stop date exceeds three calendar months; and/or, you have agreed between you the circumstances in which funds should be paid out to protect the parties to the transaction, you can use our Escrow Services, in addition to our Verifipay Payment Account Service. Our Escrow Services enable you and other Verifipay users to pay funds to us to be held in Escrow in respect of arrangements between you and the other Verifipay users to make a payment or payments to other Verifipay users. Such funds will be paid to us as your, and the other Shield Pay users', Escrow Agent, and Verifipay will hold such funds on trust to be dealt with in accordance with these Escrow Terms. When both you and the other Verifipay users who have funded the Escrow are agreed that the arrangement in respect of which we hold funds in Escrow has completed, we will pay out the sums that we hold in Escrow to the specified Verifipay user(s) in accordance with a Release Notice as provided in the Escrow Release section of these Escrow Terms.
  3. Setting up the Escrow - When setting up an Escrow with other Verifipay users, you: • Shall ensure you have given to us the details of all of the other escrow participants who are already or are to become Verifipay users in accordance with the Verifipay payment Services Terms, comprising their full name, email address and/or mobile phone number (Escrow Participants); • Will specify the amount(s) that is to be held in Escrow (Escrow Funds) and the amounts to be funded by funding the Escrow Participant(s); • The intended recipient(s) of the Escrow Funds and the amounts to be paid to them (if known); • Shall specify the duration of the Escrow (being a period of not more than 12 calendar months) and the date on which the Escrow shall come to an end which shall be referred to in these Escrow Terms as the long-stop date; • Irrevocably authorise and unconditionally instruct us (jointly with the other Escrow Participants who will fund the Escrow) to act as your trustee and Escrow Agent in relation to the Escrow Funds; • Irrevocably agree and unconditionally instruct Verifipay to pay out of the Escrow Funds the amount of the Escrow Funds to the Escrow Participants specified to receive the funds in any escrow release form in accordance with the Escrow Release section of these Escrow Terms. Once you have provided all the relevant information set out above (Escrow Information) we shall contact the other Escrow Participants and obtain their confirmation that they wish to jointly instruct us with you on the same basis as the Escrow Information provided and we will ensure that they are, or will become Verifipay users. If the other Escrow Participants do not become Verifipay users we will not proceed with the Escrow.
  4. Funding the Escrow - Once we have received confirmation from all the Escrow Participants, in accordance with the Setting up the Escrow section of these Escrow Terms, we will accept our appointment by each of the Escrow Participants as your Escrow Agent on the basis of these Escrow Terms and the Escrow Information. Each of Verifipay users who will be funding the Escrow shall arrange to make a payment to us using utilising the Verifipay Payment Account Service. This means that you will set up a payment order to us under the Verifipay Terms for Payment Servicesto make an immediate or future dated payment to us of an amount equal to your share of the Escrow Fund from your account. We will then hold the funds as your Escrow Agent and we shall hold them in Escrow in accordance with the Escrow Agent section of these Escrow Terms. The instruction to make payment to us of your share of the Escrow Funds is a payment order and it can only be revoked or changed in accordance with the provisions of the Verifipay Payment Services Terms. Once we have received your share of the Escrow Funds, your ability to change or revoke an Escrow Release will be subject to the Escrow Release section of these Escrow Terms. If we do not receive all the Escrow Funds from all the relevant Escrow Participants by the long- stop date we shall return all the Escrow Funds we hold at that time to the Escrow Participants who funded them, in the same way as we would return funds to a Verifipay user under the Verifipay Terms for Payment Servicesi.e. to the same source as the funds were received from.
  5. Escrow Agent - Once all the Escrow Funds have been paid to us by each of the funding Escrow Participants: • We shall hold the Escrow Funds in Escrow; • The Escrow Funds will be held in a Verifipay payment account, which will be a separate and segregated account with a bank that satisfies the standards that would be required for a bank account holding payment funds under the PSRs; • We will only deal with the Escrow Funds in accordance with the Escrow Release section of these Escrow Terms; • If there is any conflicting notices, claims, demands or instructions given by any of the Escrow Participants in relation to any part of the Escrow Funds, we shall not take any action in relation to the Escrow Funds until we have received clear instructions from all the Escrow Participants or we are directed by final order from the Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution, as the nominated independent dispute resolution service, a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction; • Agree that we will have no legal, beneficial or other interest in the Escrow Funds, save as set out in these Escrow Terms. The Escrow Participants unconditionally agree that any interest accrued or earned in relation to holding any of the Escrow Funds shall be held to the benefit of Verifipay. We may at any time reduce the long-stop date where we believe the arrangement to which the escrow relates carries a particular risk to Verifipay as Escrow Agent as detailed below in the When we may refuse to act as Escrow Agent section of these Terms. We may also in our absolute discretion increase the long-stop date upon the request and the agreement of all of the Escrow Participants.
  6. Escrow Release - We will hold Escrow Funds in Escrow for all the Escrow Participants until we have either: received a valid notice from all of the Escrow Participants to release the Escrow Funds (a Release Notice); or, the specified long-step date for the Escrow has passed with no valid Release Notice having been provided. A Release Notice shall authorise the release of the Escrow Funds by each of the Escrow Participants in accordance with the Escrow Instructions and/or any additional instruction contained within the Release Notice and shall be made by each of the Escrow Participants by either: a. Completing and sending to us an escrow release instruction form in the form set out in the Verifipay escrow appointment form (Escrow Instruction Form), which is available upon request from Verifipay; or b. Authorising the release of the Escrow Funds via our phone application or online secure customer portal. The duly and properly completed Release Notices from all of the Escrow Participants shall constitute an irrevocable instruction to us to make the payment(s) from the Escrow Funds to the specified recipients in accordance with the Escrow Instructions and/or any additional instruction contained within the Release Notice. We shall then make payments from the Escrow Funds to the nominated account of the Verifipay user who is specified to receive Escrow Funds, in the same way as Verifipay would make payment from your account under the Verifipay Payment Services Terms. If there is any balance of Escrow Funds after we have made all payments in accordance with the Release Notice the balance shall be returned to the Escrow Participants in the proportions they funded the Escrow Funds in the same way as we would return funds to a Verifipay user under the Verifipay Terms for Payment Servicesi.e. to the same source as the funds were received from. If we do not receive a duly completed Release Notices from all the Escrow Participants as specified above by the specified long-stop date, and no valid request has been received to extend the long-stop date - to which we have agreed - we shall return all the Escrow Funds we hold to the Escrow Participants who funded them, in the same way as we would return funds to a Verifipay user under the Verifipay Terms for Payment Servicesi.e. to the same source as the funds were received from.
  7. When we may refuse to act as Escrow Agent - We may refuse to act or decline or revoke our appointment as Escrow Agent or delay the execution of any Release Notice to pay any or all of the Escrow Funds where we reasonably believe or have any suspicion that: • We may be in breach of any applicable law or face action from a regulator or other authority; • The transfer of the Escrow Funds may be linked to activity that breaches any applicable law, constitutes illegal activity or is in breach of any other agreements with Verifipay; • A material event have happened with the UK banking or financial system that reasonably restricts or prevents us in executing any of the instructions, notwithstanding all reasonable attempts made by us to prevent such an occurrence; • We have a reasonable belief that any authentication on our secure customer portal has not been properly authorised or permitted or has been in any other way been intercepted or compromised; • We have reasonable knowledge or suspicion that any of the Escrow Participants are subject to a freezing order or any other sanctions; • The funding Escrow Participants have not provided the Escrow Funds in accordance with these Escrow Terms.
Privacy Policy
Verifipay respects your security and is focused on ensuring complete protection of your personal data. This security strategy make a total exposure of the its arrangement concerning clients and on how we gather, hold, cycle, offer and deal with your own information when you visit our website(s) or utilize our administrations as per the terms and conditions concurred as under this Privacy Policy and other related approaches of the Company. The data shared by the clients will be prepared as per the terms and conditions concurred as under this Privacy Policy and other related strategies of the Company. Client's own data will be prepared liable to User's assent which will be regarded when the Users transfer their archives for KYC check and for finishing the exchange on (hereinafter alluded as 'Site').
  1. Object of Privacy Policy - This privacy policy gives you information on how Verifipay collects and processes your personal data through your use of the website, including any data you may provide through the website when you sign up to use our Services or you provide your permission for us to market to you about our services or goods/services provided by third parties we work with – this may include any recompense/prize/bonus we may offer through the use of our Services. This privacy policy must be read together together with any other privacy policy or fair processing notice we may provide on specific occasions when we are collecting or processing personal data about you so that you are have complete knowledge of how and why we are using your data. This privacy notice supplements other notices and doesn’t supplant them.
  2. Information of User(s) - To profit the administrations on our Website, Users are needed to give certain data to the enlistment cycle which may include yet not restricted to names, addresses, email addresses, Visa or charge card subtleties and so forth. The Information as provided by the Users empowers us to better sites and give you an encounter which is easy to understand . All transferred and required data is administration subordinate and the organization may utilize the above said User data to, keep up, ensure, and improve its administrations (counting promoting administrations) and will hold the information transferred by the Users on the Website for its record keeping purposes. The data may involve records for KYC confirmation which will predominantly incorporate, yet not restricted to Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Check Copies, Property Transaction Agreements or Deeds executed in past or to be executed in encouragement of the exchanges encouraged by the organization through its Website, talk uphold messages, contact numbers, SMS, and so on. The organization therefore expressly illuminates the User that any data transferred, shared or put on the Website by the Users will be visible and open for the investigation, examination and check by the outsider approved under to lead such confirmation. We, alongside the named outsider will be under commitment to keep the data transferred by the Users on the Website classified and private and guarantee that there is no unlawful revelation of the equivalent. Any data shared by the Users will be put away in our information bases, workers and other record saving entry for one year. The Users will reserve the option to demand for evacuation of any data transferred, put away or entered on Website of the organization by composing an email at Such data won't be considered as touchy on the off chance that it is accessible and can be gotten to in the open area or on the off chance that it is outfitted under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or according to specification of some other law.
  3. Cookies - Clients may stop or limit cookies on their computer, laptop or some other electronic framework utilized for getting to and utilizing the Website or cleanse them from the program by modifying internet browser inclinations and will counsel the working directions that apply to the program for guidelines should the Users wish to do as such and as a rule to decide how best to arrange the program setting to meet their prerequisites. Upon any cleanse, handicapping or turn off relating to the cookies, it might be conceivable that Users will be unable to utilize the entirety of the highlights, capacities or administrations accessible on the Website. We utilize this data to investigate how the Service is utilized, analyze administration or specialized issues, look after security, customize content, recall data to help in proficiently getting to their record, screen total measurements, for example, complete number of guests, traffic, and segment examples, and track User substance and clients as important to consent to Information Technology Act 2000, and other material laws of India.
  4. Links other than that of the Verifipay website - This site may incorporate connects to third-party websites, plug-ins and applications. Clicking on those links or enabling those connections may permit outsiders to gather or offer information about you. We don't control these outsider sites and are not answerable for their privacy statements. At the point when you leave our site, we encourage you to read the privacy notice of every website you visit.
  5. Use of personal information - We use personal information to help us provide personalized features for our Users; to operate, maintain, and improve our sites, products and services – this may include contacting the Users to assist in enforcing our policies, resolving complaints, and ensuring the best possible service according to User’s interest; to get in touch with you in the case of password retrieval and policy changes; to provide the services requested by Users; to preserve social history as governed by existing law or policy; to respond to comments and questions and provide customer service; to send information including confirmations, invoices, technical notices, updates, security alerts and support and administrative messages; to communicate about promotions, upcoming events, and other news about products and services offered by the company.
  6. Internal use of contact information - We use contact information internally to direct our efforts for product and services improvement; to contact Users as a survey respondent; to inform the Users if they win any contest; and for sending promotional materials from our contest sponsors or advertisers.
  7. Use of email address - We use your email address for password reminder and registration; confirmation; special offers; newsletters; changes in the service's policy or terms of use; event based communications such as order information, renewal notices, invites, reminders etc.
  8. Use for legal requirements - We may use User’s information for legal requirements, to meet any applicable law, regulation and legal process; in response to law enforcement authority or other governmental official request; to enforce applicable Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violations; to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues; to protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of company, our users or the public as required or permitted by law; and in the event that the Company is subject to a merger or acquisition to the new owner of the business. Disclosure may also be required for company audits or to investigate a complaint or security threat.
  9. Other Links (co-sponsors, advertisers etc.) - The Website may contain or display information from sponsors, co-sponsors, advertisers, operational service providers, or others that offer information, products and/or services available, and/or that provides opportunities to participate in promotions or engage in activities or that link or redirect user’s browser to other websites, web pages, materials, or organizations. We encourage the users to be aware when the users leave the website or take advantage of advertised offers, links or other references, many of which may direct the users to their internet browser to websites or web pages of another party. Users should read their privacy statements and the terms and conditions that apply because we are not responsible for any of the terms and conditions, privacy practices, the content, functions, features, activities, and/or transactions they may engage in when you are not using the Website. If we use operational service providers to serve advertisements when you visit the Website, the operational service provider, in connection with the Website, may use information about User’s visit to the Website in order to serve the advertisements about products and services that may be of interest to the Users. In the course of serving advertisements on the Website, our operational service providers may use cookies and other technologies.
  10. Information Security - Appropriate security measures are taken by us to protect against any unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, modification, disclosure or destruction of data uploaded and stored by users. These security measures include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store personal data. The information gathered on Website is securely stored within the company’s controlled database. The database is stored on servers secured behind a firewall; access to the servers is password-protected and is strictly limited. However, as effective as our security measures are, no security system is impenetrable. And, of course, any information you include in a posting to the discussion areas is available to anyone with Internet access. However the internet is an ever evolving medium. Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time to incorporate necessary changes to cover future circumstances. Of course, our use of any information we gather will always be consistent with the policy under which the information was collected, regardless of what the new policy may be. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when Users visit our Website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to Users. Any complaints or concerns with regards to content or to report any abuse of laws or breach of these terms may be taken up with the designated grievance redressal officer as mentioned below.
  11. Data security - Appropriate security measures have been put in place to prevent your personal data from being lost by accident, used, abused or accessed in a manner which is unauthorised, tampered, altered or disclosed. Additionally, we limit access to your personal data to only those contractors, agents, employees, and other third parties who are required pursuant to their business, to know. They will only process your personal data as per instructions given by us and they are subjected to a duty of confidentiality. Procedures have been put in place to deal with any suspected personal data breach and will notify you and any applicable regulator of a breach where there is a legal requirement to do so.
  12. Privacy Policy Amendments - We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes to our business, the website(s) or Services, or applicable laws. The revised Privacy Policy will take effect as on the published effective date. If the revised version includes a material changes, the users will provide you with 30 days prior intimation by posting notice of the change on our website. We also may notify Verifipay Users of the change using email or other means.
  13. Data Retention - Your personal data will be retained as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements. For determination of the appropriate retention period for personal data, we take into account the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorised use or disclosure of your personal data, the purposes for which we process your personal data and whether other means can be employed to achieve the said purpose, and the applicable legal requirements. There may be circumstances where we may anonymise your personal data (so that it can no longer be associated with you) for research or statistical purposes in which case we may use this information indefinitely without further notice to you.
  14. Redressal Mechanism - Any complaints, abuse or concerns with regards to content and or comment or breach of these terms shall be immediately informed to the designated Grievance Officer as mentioned below via in writing or through email signed with the electronic signature to Aditya Bhargav at (
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