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Buying or selling, know who you’re transacting with and protect your money. Whatever you’re selling or buying, wherever you’re based. Sign up below to get started.
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Verifipay offers protection on your payments with no subscription or hidden costs. You only pay a fee for transacting.
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For life’s biggest purchases
Create a safe and unique user experience for your platform that differentiates you from your competitors. Foster user loyalty by leveraging on the trust capital that escrow generates.
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For life’s biggest purchases
Two factor payment release ensures that transacting parties' interests are always protected. Perfect for buying or selling secondhand online.
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Buyer and Seller Protection
We’re here to take care of both the buyer and the seller in a transaction. Money is held securely until both parties in the transaction agree to release it. We don't expect problems, but if it does happen, you’re supported by our mediation service.
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